Landmark Insurance of the Palm Beaches offers a wide array of personal insurance products to help protect your most valuable assets. Our qualified team of insurance professionals will guide you through selecting the appropriate policies to meet your insurance needs. We use the most highly rated companies that we can find including names you know like Chubb, Travelers, Auto-Owners, Tower Hill, Hartford and many more. At Landmark Insurance we offer the following types of personal insurance policies:

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Landmark Insurance offers the following types of personal insurance policies:

Who is "Cooler at the Coast"?

We are a family! Father, Mother, Son, Daugther and Dog. We have roots in the NorthEast, have lived in MA and FL and we are now settled in the seacoast area of New Hampshire.

Why "Cooler at the Coast"?

We lived in FL for a bit and when we moved back to the area we paid a little more attention to the weather. The weather in FL is overly predictable, even the hurricanes and storms, so when we got back to the big seasonal weather changes, we were excited! Weatherpeople use some quality verbage and we picked up on the abundent use of "Cooler at the Coast" during the transition from Spring to Summer and that's why "Cooler at the Coast" now exists.

What makes "Cooler at the Coast" different from other lifestyle brands?

We're a small family run local business. Our goal is to, as best we can, source all of our prooducts and materials from other local businesses. We offfer a custom quality product that we stand behind as a family. Not sure how different that makes us but building "Cooler at the Coast" has been a great, fun and colloborative process that has brought our family closer together.

What does "Cooler at the Coast" do for sustainability?

Right now, we do as much as we can to keep our little operation clean and green. It's not all easy peasy with this stuff but we are leaning as we go. Ultimately, we would like to partner with local and regional schools, universities and programs to offer mutual support and education in our sustainability efforts.

In addition to the above services, Landmark Insurance also provides quality coverage for the following:

  • Dwelling Policies for Landlords

  • Personal Articles

  • Motorcycle

  • Motorhome

  • Life Insurance

  • Disability Insurance


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